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First Grace -- 

then Faith and Works

mailing address -- 1265 S. Cleve-Mass Road

Copley, Ohio 44321

First Grace is a “Remnant Church." 

Unlike most churches, we do not have a building to call our own. 

Just the same, since 2014 we have been a worshipping and a working congregation remaining faithful to God and to proclaiming God’s Good Will through acts of caring.  


How long O Lord? 

Will you forget us forever?

How long will you hide your face from us?

How long must we bear pain in our soul and have sorrow in our hearts all day long?

Psalm 13:1-2


As President Obama declared, 

"Yes, we can," 

may we believe in and work 

with that positive an attitude 

to attain reasonable gun legislation 

in 2023 

and bring this epidemic 

to an end.


mass shootings

(4 or more shot or killed, not counting the shooter)

have occurred in America as of March 15, 2023.

The total number of deaths this year due to gun violence is 8,499.

(In 2022, deaths due to gun violence totaled, 44,310.)  

Thus far in 2023, there have been mass shootings in:

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, 

Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, 

Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, 

Minnesota, Mississippi, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, 

Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Ohio (170 deaths), 

Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee,

Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington D.C., Oklahoma, 

West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

That is 38 states and the District of Columbia.

                                                                                                                                Gun Violence Archive

     In 1967, Jayne Mansfield was killed instantly when her car ran under the rear end of a tractor trailer.  Now The Department of Transportation requires all tractor trailers to be equipped with bumpers to prevent such an accident.

     Remember in 1982 when seven people died after taking Tylenol that had been adulterated?  Now one needs a sharp object to puncture the bottle covering to get into over-the-counter medications. 

     All air travelers must remove their shoes and be scanned before being allowed to board the plane.  Why?  In 2001 one person tried to blow up an airplane using a shoe bomb.  




Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky---$1,267,139.00

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin---$1,269,486.00

Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee---$1,306,130.00

Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri---$1,391,548.00

Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas---$1,581,153.00

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas---$1,968,714.00

Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana---$2,867,074.00

Senator Todd Young of Indiana---$2,897,582.00

Senator Rob Portman of Ohio---$3,063,327.00

Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa---$3,124,773.00

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida---$3,303,355.00

Senator Tom Tillis of North Carolina---$4,421,333.00

Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri---$4,555,722.00

Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina---$6,987,380.00

Senator Mitt Romney of Utah---$13,647,676.00



     Ohio is 30th in the country for gun-law strength. The rate of gun deaths increased here 44% between 2011 and 2020 compared to a 33% increase nationwide.

     Ohio has the 24th highest rate of gun violence the United States

     Gun violence costs Ohio $10.9 BILLION each year of which $486.5 MILLION is paid by taxpayers.

     In January off 2021, Governor DeWine signed into effect "Stand Your Ground."  A person is not required to retreat before they can in self-defense justifiably hurt or kill someone with a gun. [As of June 13, 2022, this gun can be concealed}. 

     Ohio's new law allowing adults (21 or older who are legally allowed to own a gun) to carry concealed firearms without training classes or background checks went into affect June 13, 2022.                                   

                                                                                                                                                   Crooked River [email protected]

     Monday, June 13, Governor DeWine "signed House Bill 99 into the power to loves school districts to arm their teachers and staff with four scenario-based training hours and a maximum of 20 hours for first-aid training.'                                                                                                                                 The Columbus Dispatch, June 15, 2022




     Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has outlined new steps for creating a safer environment for students, teachers, and school staff.  According to the Governor, following the Uvalde shooting, “We must do more to strengthen our schools’ physical security, and we must ensure school personnel have the proper training and support to keep themselves and their students safe.”

     Below are the “enhancements” the Governor is planning to make:

• Comprehensive Behavioral Threat Assessment Training for Ohio Educators

     o Threat assessment models help schools and teachers uniformly evaluate troubling student behaviors, develop plans for intervention, and connect students in need to services.

• Enhanced Statewide Safety Support for School

     o Regional school liaisons will be increased across the state.

• Improved Physical Safety in Ohio’s School Buildings

     o More funding to assist school districts with enhancing the physical safety and security of their schools.

• Enhanced Penalties for Violent Crime

     o Calls to make the penalties larger for those illegally possessing firearms.

• Accurate and Complete Background Checks

     o Gov. DeWine is using his executive authority to ensure more of the information necessary for accurate background checks is entered into the federal background check systems.


HB 38   Repeal "Stand Your Ground".  No hearings scheduled.

SB 73/HB259   Require background checks for firearm transfers.  No hearings are scheduled.

SB 74.  Raise the minimum age to purchase firearms to 21.  No hearings are scheduled.

SB 77.  Prohibit bumpfire devices and other items that accelerate a semi-automatic firearm's rate of fire.  No  

               hearings are scheduled.

HB 262.  Enact child access Prevention Tax Credit.  One hearing is scheduled.

HB 630.  Repeal permitless carry.  No hearings are scheduled.                                                         Crooked River Action


HB 62   Exempt Ohio from federal gun law2s.  Three hearings are scheduled.

SB 293   Prohibit requiring fees, liability insurance to possess firearm.  Two hearings are scheduled.

HB 455.  Reduce penalties for unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon in a prohibited place.  Three hearings are 

                 scheduled.                                                                                                                                            Crooked River Action


Call, write, email State and Federal Senators and Representatives

One may telephone the US Capitol switchboard (202-224-3121), and the operator will connect the caller directly to any Federal Senator’s or Representative’s office.

          The Honorable (Name)

          U.S. House of Representatives

          Washington, DC 20515


          The Honorable (Name)

          U. S. Senate

          Washington, D.C. 20510

     All states, State and Federal Representatives, and State and Federal Senators all have websites which are easily found on the web and also provide contact information.

     When emailing, use the subject line to name the issue of concern. Cite the bill number when appropriate. In the body of the email, address only one issue, identify yourself as a constituent, and state your views and verifiable facts as concisely as possible. Be polite; if we are not civil, we will accomplish nothing.

Letter writing needs to follow this framework.

     Remember, these men and womyn work for us. We elected them; we can reject them.


Everytown for Gun Safety;


Moms Demand Action; https://momsdemand

United Against Gun Violence;

Join your local Students Demand Action group;

Join your local Moms Demand Action Chapter; https://momsdemand

Download Demand Action app

Sign up to make phone calls with the Gun Sense Action Network:

Volunteer with BeSmart:

Educate yourself on the issues and proposed solutions:

     https// Johns Hopkins University Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence Marjory Stoneman Douglas student movement Marjory Stoneman Douglas student movement


Wednesday, June 8

Gather at the John S. Knight Center

(77 East Mill Street, Akron)

3:30 to walk at 4:00 1.4 miles to Family of Faith UMC

(800 East Market Street)


Highland Square Library, Akron

Saturday, June 11




June 11

2:00 – 3:00

Along with all of you, we have been waiting for the Covid-19 Viral pandemic to exhaust itself or show its weakness and how to overcome it.  We now have the tools to fight it but are saddened at the resistance of intelligent people to receive the vaccine.  The result is that we all remain in danger.

     We at First Grace have modified our worship ways.  Scripture, liturgies, prayers, etc. are emailed weekly to support and supplement our meditative life during this time.  We also meet weekly via ZOOM so we can sip coffee or tea at home and have "face to face" time with each other. Recently, we have been meeting for worship and a meal once a month.  Please contact me if you would like to join us for any of these venues.  

Peace, Dreese ([email protected])

     First Grace is an unusual and interesting progressive part of the Body of Christ. If you think that the church is a building, you will be surprised by First Grace as you will not find us in one.  

     If you are looking for a "quiet/sedate" congregation, you may not care for us.  We take the teachings of Jesus seriously.  We don't spend a lot of time debating what we should do next; we just get on with it.

     We do not believe persons with HIV should be shunned by society or the Church  We provide confidential testing, support, and prevention services through the Akron AIDS Collaborative.

     We believe that God expects us to love each other, and we were among the first congregations in Akron to fully recognize and welcome LGBTQIA folks into the life and work of our community.  

     We consider the equal rights of women to continue to be unfulfilled by our male- dominated systems and culture, and we strive to recognize their equality and to support their full human and legal rights.

     We believe that voting rights for all persons are sacred rights, and we strive to support and to protect those rights.

     We do not hide from the uncertainties which our brothers and sisters in Third World Countries must face.  Through our fair-trade store, The Market Path, which is located in Copley, we provide a market for their hand-crafted items to be sold enabling artisans to make a fair wage and support their families.

     Most importantly, we do not think or pretend that we are perfect people. We know that we are struggling to continue the ministry of our Christ in this 21st Century. We invite you to join with us in the struggle.

First Grace is a safe place for all people to worship

regardless of race, creed, age, cultural background, or sexual orientation.